Our Goal & Vision

Our goal and vision for Bag it Up Boutique has always to offer inclusive sizing and reduce clothing waste in the fashion space. We started out reselling on Poshmark where we would get pallets that were going to be trashed from major corporations like Target, Walmart, Zulily, Michael Kors, and others, and resell for a cheaper cost. 

For example, did you know that Target will trash any plastic storage bin that doesn't have a matching lid (or vice versa)? So when inventory is done, items that are deemed unsellable such as returns, missing a small part or doesn't look pristine enough will be trashed right away. That's where we try to come in and reduce unnecessary waste. 

Anything that doesn't move on our Poshmark or resale platforms, we find women's shelters in the LA area and donate. While making a profit is what keeps business going, we are not looking to be part of the problem in wastefulness. 

We also hope to offer a new program here on our boutique site where you can send us washed, old items and we will help rehome them or work with a local recycling company to make sure they do not end up in the dump. Our goal is to have this program in place (at no cost totour customers) by 2025. 


Sizing Matters

Each season we continue to do our best to create a more inclusive size range to our amazing customers. As of now we carry sizes anywhere between an XS to a 6XL depending on the item. Currently our graphic tees are available in a S-4XL in a unisex fit, our slippers go up to a women's size 11, and our main apparel line gos up to a 3XL. By 2025 we hope to carry ALL apparel sizing consistently from a XXS to a 6XL. 

What we found out is that most middle man companies that boutiques often purchase from or work with don't offer anything under a size small or anything over a 3X (if that even) in ALL their items. We don't believe in isolating a segment of customers into a category where only a small amount of items can be offered. If we carry an item, we want it to be available to as many people as we can and for us that standard aims to be a wider size range. Fashion should not be limited. 

While this is not an easy feat for a smaller business, it's truly our first priority right now. 

How our goods made and sourced

Anything that we create or manufacturer, we try to source from manufacturers and companies that pay their employees livable wages, offer a safe work environment and that will allow us to work with minimum quantities to avoid overproduction. Eventually, we want to have complete control over these factors, but for now due to cost and location, we can only do the best based off of diligent research and open communication between our manufacturers. 

We also work with local businesses primarily in California, but some from out of state as well. These businesses are often small, locally owned as well that handcraft their items. Most, if not all, are women-owned, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+,  and/or AAPI businesses.